We make a podcast, but also do short films, argue, write a lot of stuff, and are generally silly.

The Show

The show started as a podcast called Bonehead Radio. Well, technically Bonehead Radio on the Internet, but isn’t that a mouthful? We discovered that some fans preferred to see our faces rather than just hear our beautiful voices. Yes, we were surprised and confused. Bonehead Radio then became Bonehead Humor. After a chance meeting with the amazing Mick Strawn, we discovered the joy of interviewing behind-the-scenes production people – the writers, production designers, make-up effects artists, etc. who actually make the movie magic happen. This gave us a dichotomy. Half of our shows were us being . . . us, and the other half were more serious and interview driven. We made the decision to change the name to Bonehead Weekly to better reflect the content of our show.

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Chad is a connoisseur of some of the best sub-par art that Hollywood has to offer. His distinctive (and most times disturbing) taste in all things pop culture offers a unique perspective to Bonehead’s weekly discussions. Chad will proudly defend how The Toxic Avenger is far superior to the stuffy snoozefest that is The English Patient any day of the week.

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If you ever wanted to know who wrote Network, directed Frankenhooker, or which Rolling Stones’ song is the best, Joe will gladly give you the answer. He loves everything from The Wizard of Oz to Evil Dead II. When he’s not moderating cons or being a Bonehead, Joe is on the hunt for Hollywood’s latest hidden gems. This means he’s seen a lot of s***! Some of his biggest influences are Sam Raimi, Mel Brooks, Orson Welles, Monty Python, Stephen King, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, just to name a few. Sit down, chat, and tell him some of your favorite movies. After you’re done, he’ll then tell you why you’re completely wrong.

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