Welcome to Bonehead!

2018 Review

We’re sharing some of our favorite movies, shows, podcasts, and books from 2018 (and some of our least favorites!). Agree with us? Think we’re completely wrong? Let us know! And stick around after the credits for an extended version of this episode’s promo.

Episode 68 – Best & Worst of 2018 – “Year of the End”

Comic Con Announcement

Hey Everyone! We’ll be running around the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention (LCTC) all weekend. Be sure to stop by and say hi to us. Also keep an eye out for some of our past guests including Ken Kirk, Bryce Oquaye, and Nic Brown. We’ll be sending updates from the con floor and panels through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, so be sure to like and follow us for all the latest as #BoneheadDoesLCTC. We’ll be back next week with another great interview.


Thanks for stopping by! Check out our “Episodes” page to watch the latest and greatest from Bonehead Humor!

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